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Where Eastern Traditions join Western Approaches to heal all.

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Bach Flower Remedies: This method was devised by Dr. Edward Bach, a trained qualified western practitioner in hsi search for a "natural" treatment for mankind's illnesses. This system consists of 38 different flower essences extracted in mother liquor and stored. Each of the essences reflects behaviours and attitudes that can be corrected by using the same. A combination of 5 to 6 such essences is prescribed to be taken daily for a period of 1 to 2 months. A remarkable cure can be seen in almost all cases. this system very well compliments all alternate forms of healing and has absolutely no side effects. 

Acupressure: This system is good for one to practicce self-healing as well as treat patients. The system utilizes the various acu-points on the body and gentle pressure is exerted using the thumb and fingers or special probes are also used. When used on oneself this has a limitation of accessibility of body areas. A professional may be able to help by giving an entire session of acupressure with selection of points depending on the disease condition. Like acupuncture, the treatment extends to a few days over multiple sessions to effect a cure. The difference from acupuncture is that deeper points cannot be accessed and acupressure is given to various points sequentially and not simultaneously.

Homoeopathy: This system of medicine was developed by Prof. Samuel Hahnemann with the adage "Similima Similibus Curare" or "Like cures Like". The system involves usage of various potencies of solutions of mineral salts and plant extracts as well as venoms and hormones. One of the most important aspect of preparing the appropriate potency for administration is called "succession" or "potentization" wherein the dilution in a glass phial is struck against a hard object several times. The final dilution would have untraceable parts of the original chemical, but has recently been shown to be present in a nano-scale. this could also explain the way this system works wonders specially in chronic cases, skin disorders and musculo-skeletal problems.

Naturopathy: This is the science of healing the body through natural means using the diet as the main intervention. The human gut is the largest organ in the body and serves to provide nutrition and nourishment to the body. Almost all diseases have a link to the gut in one way or other. Healing consists of attending to the diet with a topmost priority. Naturopathic healing starts with strict vegetarian diets consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables sparse in salt, spices and oil. Once the internal system is set to a detox mode, the external body is treated with various types of massages, mud packs, jet baths, sauna and such other modalities that help expunge toxins from the body. This utilizes the large surface area of the skin that helps heal the human system.  

Ayurveda: India's ancient system of medicine with over a 5000-year history is as proven and successful as Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact one finds references to acupuncture-like therapy in the Sushrutha Samhita.  (Recent findings of very old ola-leaves referrring to acupuncture in Sri Lanka also point to possibly a Indian connection in the chinese art !!). Ayurveda recognizes the sapta dhatus and the equilibrium of tri-doshas as being responsible for optimum health. Treatments are manifold aimed to restore the harmony and equilibrium in the body. Extensive knowledge is available for treatment of amlost all types of diseases. Even surgical care that was once prevalent as per the Sushrutha samhita is nearly non-existent today, except for Kshara sutras and the like. Apart from treating diseases, maintanence of health is given utmost priority by methods like panchakarma that involves special diets, medicines, oil massages and medicinal enemas. The efficacy of ayurveda in treating some of the ailments like strokes, chronic arthritis, skin disorders, obesity and such other chronic conditions is remarkable and striking. 

Reiki: This is also known as Faith Healing. Anyone can get their "Hand Chakras" opened in a simple method with a qualified teacher and use the energy from the cosmos to heal themselves as well as their kith and kin with this energy. One need not believe in the method to get the benefit. ust being open to the energies is sufficient. Advanced Reiki techniques involve distance healing and such other options. Reiki has found many takers and good testimonials in its wake and is particularly helpful in today's fast and stressful life..!!

Yoga: The Patanjali Yoga Sutras are an essential component of India's spiritual and philosophical treasures and have a huge following across the world. The asanas or postures combined with breathing techniques called pranayama treat the body as a whole and lend healing to the physical, physiological, mental - emotional, intellectual and spiritual sheaths of the body. Meditation is closely associated with yoga and involves using repetetive chantings or Mantras along with focus on the breath or internal visualizations, done with the eyes closed. The whole exercise is done for inner spiritual growth and calming the mind. Both yoga and meditation are known to be of huge benefit in tackling life-style disorders like cardiac diseases, diabetes, obesity, stress apart from many other neurological conditions.  

Color Therapy: This is a relativel new form of complimentary therapy that utilises the energies of colored light in healing the body. This method is specially effective for mental disorders as well as chronic skin and immunity related problems. Various colored light surces are utilised in healing the body.

Higher Cosmic Energy: This is a new form of healing that utilizes the connection with "Devas" or archangels to channelise divine energies to effect healing. This is specially effective for psycho-somatic illnesses and stress related disorders. Devas Unlimited, Bangalore is working in this area with very good results.