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Where Eastern Traditions join Western Approaches to heal all.

SRAC, CH34/C5, Prestige Shopping Arcade, Ramaswamy Circle, JLB Road, MYSORE 570024


Meet Dr. Prem Anand Nagaraja


 Dr. Prem Anand Nagaraja is a registered and licensed doctor in both Western Allopathic and Alternative Medicine systems. Dr. Prem has been trained in Acupuncture from Prof. Anton Jayasuriya's Medicina Alternativa as well as has a MD in Alternate Medicine from IAMR, Kolkata. Dr. Prem has also trained in use of Bach Flower Remedies.


 Dr. Prem combines this ancient knowledge with the traditional western practices along with his skills in Clinical Research. His aim is to combine all of these arts into a full-life program for mind, body, and spirit.


 Dr. Prem has been trained and qualified in western medicine and is a Infectious disease specialist with over 25 years of experience in the field. He has been extensively involved in Hospital Infection Control practices, both in India and abroad as well as elaborate Clinical Research programs in India. Dr. Prem has also been instrumental in successfully initiating India's first hospital-based mixed umbilical cord & tissue banking unit at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore.

 Dr. Prem is a Karnataka Medical Council Registered Western Medical Practitioner as well as a Certified Acupuncture Practitioner registered with Tamil Nadu Acupuncture Council.


 Dr. Prem uses a variety of techniques like body acupuncture, Scalp acupuncture, Master Tung acupuncture, Meridian Balancing & Auricular acupuncture, Navel Acupuncture apart from techniques like cupping, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture etc.


 Dr. Prem uses pulse, tongue and abdominal diagnosis for reaching a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis which is most essential for patient therapy.This is veritably complemented by western diagnostics wherever essential.

Dr. Prem Anand Nagaraja.,

MBBS, MD (JIPMER), MD(AM)(Kolkata), PGCRCDM, PG.Dip.Ac (Colombo)

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All about Sai Ram Acuu Centre - SRAC

SRAC is the culmination of Dr. Prem's lifelong dream to bring a complete alternative wellness program to the general public. Customers from in and around Mysore District and even farther come to consult with Dr. Prem for their various ailments and wellness concerns. Nowhere else are as many western medical and alternative medicinal healing, health, and wellness options available under one roof. Customers from all over renown at Dr. Prem's kind, empathetic manner, saying that he listens better than any other doctor and always knows just the right exercise, diet, or ancient technique to cure their ills. SRAC also boasts among its clientele many Mysore's dignitaries, who come up to consult with Dr. Prem personally. But whether his client is a popular social figure or the ailing service industry worker, Dr. Prem treats every patient as the important, empowered human being he believes them all to be. The primary goal of Sai Ram Acuu Centre is to allow each individual to find their own harmony!