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Where Eastern Traditions join Western Approaches to heal all.

SRAC, CH34/C5, Prestige Shopping Arcade, Ramaswamy Circle, JLB Road, MYSORE 570024


SRAC Services

Sai Ram Acuu Centre is always evolving and changing the services offered. The information below is not comprehensive, and Dr. Prem can certainly recommend therapies for different conditions that are not listed here, as warranted.

Movement Arts Therapy

One of SRAC's specialties is in therapeutic movement arts and its related noninvasive techniques. As a licensed western practitioner, Dr. Prem is able to guide those with movement-related issues back to full health again. Prescriptions may include physical therapy and rehabilitation, therapeutic massage, basic yoga and breathing exercises, and meditation and energy-focusing techniques.

Acupuncture and Related Therapy

Dr. Prem is a certified acupuncturist and accupressurist, as well as having training in bleeding and cupping therapy. Designed to release the blockage of energies that disrupt your flow of chi and return you to wellness, these therapies are considered by many to be a healthier alternative to over the counter and some prescription medicines for minor aches and pains.

Alternative Medicine

Dr. Prem has been trained by the finest therapists and remedy makers in India and abroad to offer you natural, holistic products to restore your internal balance. Additionally, Dr. Prem prescribes specific combination of flower remedies apart form macrobiotic menus and meal plans for those suffering from particular internal ailments.

And Much Much More!

Structure of Services

At SRAC, Sterile Disposable Single-Use steel needles are used for acupuncture keeping in mind the need for sterility and infection prevention. A combination of body/scalp acupuncture, moxa, laser, auricular and tongue acupuncture are used apart from other complimentary approaches.

The first therapeutic regimen consists of 30 to 60 minutes (this duration is patient specific) of acupuncture session every day consecutively for 10 to 12 days excluding Sundays. Post - regimen, the patient is rested for 2 to 3 weeks, during which time, the benefits of treatment become obvious. Over 90% of the ailment gets cured during this time.

The patient would return for a second therapeutic regimen of 5 to 6 sessions following which complete benefits are expected to be experienced. 

The need of further follow-up sessions, if necessary would be decided depending on the patient's recovery.

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Ancient Chinese Pictogram on Acupuncture

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An acupuncture treatment in progress